Life is Crazy

Lately my life has been so chaotic at work.  All I do is breathe, eat and sleep claims.

It sucks.  In fact I found this image and I love it so much I have to share it here….


If only my life was that interesting.

Anyway,  I figure I would share my recent ideas and thoughts, to get input.

Next year I want to go somewhere new.  I have narrowed it down to three locations, all three excite me so much I can’t choose.

Nicaragua, Peru or China. 

If I go to Nicaragua I plan on going to the coast where I will take part in an adult surfing and yoga retreat.

If I go to Peru I plan on maybe volunteering in Cuzco and then hiking the Inca Trail.

If I go to China I plan on taking this amazing tour with Gadventures.

So I know what I want to do in each country but I am not 100% positive where I want to go.  What would you choose?

For those of you that are not very familiar with me, let me give you a quick run down.  I work for a major insurance company and if there is anything I am positive about when it comes to my job is that I hate it.   Like really hate it.

The only thing that is this jobs saving grace is that I make more than the average 31 year old and I get 25 days PTO.

As of today, I have worked for this company for 6 years.  6 years today.  I can’t believe I am still here, but again there are reasons.  I refuse to make less than what I do now, and I refuse to join some other rate race that gives me only 10 days of PTO.

So to come full circle, the one thing that gives me pleasure is planning trips, reading & meeting authors and my blog.  Which should really be called…. The Rantings of a Cubicle Junkie.

I have considered many places, these are the three that make me the most excited.

Either way, I am sitting her listening to my stomach growl (I skipped lunch… was too busy) counting down the 22 minutes until I can leave when I started thinking about where I want to go next year.

I asked my co-workers and they couldn’t give me answer.  So I am asking you… where do you want to go?  If you had to choose one of these three options which would you choose?


Anyway, thanks for letting me rant


The Lunatic

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