Let’s Talk About Mr. Darcy

Last week I fell sick and spent a lot of time reading. A lot. I am pretty sure I practically read 2 books a day.

Today’s post does include a review but I feel it is important to explain why this book has made me fall of the Darcy wagon. So be prepared, this post comes with a lot of well crazy talk.

I read Austenland, and to put it simply.  I loved it. Really loved it. Like strongly considered calling in sick on Monday to re-read it again, loved it….


I am not a romantic girl by any means, I don’t really care if you hold the door open for me (it is nice though), buy me flowers, write love letters… that isn’t my thing it never has been, but when it comes to Pride and Prejudice? I am just like every other woman out there. It gives me the warm fuzzies among other things.

Why you ask? Mr. Darcy. I know that is the reason 99.9% of the women out there love the book, so that is not a complete surprise.

I have a confession though.

I did not read the book in ninth grade. In fact when it was time to take the test I kinda well cheated. I read like 4 pages of cliff’s notes and called it a day. I know I know. Not something to be proud about but let’s face it people, when I was 15 I was more concerned about a certain senior (who turned out to NOT be a Mr. Darcy) than reading for English class.

Anyway, me not reading any of the required reading in high school does not matter. Let’s flash forward to my freshman year in college, I was going through a very tough time. I was depressed, lonely and upset that the person who I thought was “the love of my life” never returned my calls and for all intensive purposes disappeared. (again NOT a Mr. Darcy) and this is where I discovered Bridget Jones’s Diary. The movie you know with The Colin Firth?


I watched that movie on repeat. I am pretty sure one night I watched it 4 times in a row. Again not my proudest moment, but hey we all have our moments.

I even told my cousin I was going to be like Bridget, so I could find my own Mr. Darcy.  Obviously I was not well but I was lonely, and knew Mr. Darcy was out there for me. 

Still to this day it is my favorite movie. I watch it when I am down. I watched it during break ups. I watch it when I am sad. In fact, when Mr. Firth won the Oscar? I watched it that night after the Oscars. I LOVE the movie, and I am pretty sure it will always be in my top 3 list.

Ok let’s flash forward to English 102. I quite possibly had one of the best teachers in the world. She believed education comes from all different medias and when it was time to read Pride and Prejudice, she showed us the BBC miniseries.

I remember watching it and thinking oh my goodness, that is Colin Firth. (by this point I suppose you could say I was semi obsessed with Mark Darcy) so imagine my surprise when I learned Bridget Jones’s Diary was based on Pride & Prejudice? Seriously, I had no clue. 


So I decided I would sit down and read Pride & Prejudice. I read devoured it in one night. I loved it. In fact I have read it at least a dozen times since, I have listened to the audio book multiple times. It is quite possibly one of the best love stories of all time.

OK let’s flash forward to today. I am 31 & I just read Austenland. I told you I would get to the point eventually.

I totally get the main character Jane. I do. She has had some pretty crappy boyfriends and feels like she just does not want to settle. She watches Pride & Prejudice, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

So when her great aunt bequeaths her the trip of a lifetime she takes it.

She arrives and is to spend 3 weeks living the life of  Austen England.  she is to eat, speak and dress as if she is living in the time.  She has to turn all modern technologies in and if found will be asked to leave.

Personally find this sort of vacation kind cool.  Life is all about experiences

That being said, I may or may not have googled “Is Austenland real?”

The story was well paced, and I found it most hilarious when Jane slipped out of character resulting in the “actors” to possibly slip too.   I giggled frequently and knew within 30 pages I would love the book.

and ladies there is a lot of playful banter between Jane and the very delectable Mr. Nobley.

Be warned though: If you are on the Darcy wagon, you will fall off.

I went to the library the day I finished the book and checked out a few books, that are all relevant to Mr. Darcy, and let’s just say I watched Bridget Jones once twice this weekend. I also watched the miniseries… I own it of course.

So now it brings me to my tangent.

Why do authors write characters like Christian Grey, but not Mr. Darcy? I am not dissing Christian, well yeah I kinda am, he is totally NOT the man for me. I just think when it comes to fictional characters I do prefer the Mr. Darcy’s of the fictional world.

I mean Mr. Darcy is fantastic in a crisis, he stays calm & collected. If it was modern times I suspect he would NOT get road rage and get pissed off and rant and rave. Just saying. Not Hot.

Sure at first look Mr. Darcy is conceited but let’s face it people he cared about Miss Bennet.

He looks for an equal not a doormat.

He is to the point. None of that stupid beating around the bush nonsense. Direct and to the point. Again this is hot.

The smart verbal dialog. Seriously. That. Is. Hot.

and yeah I am not going to lie the guy was loaded, but if he didn’t have all those other qualities, well let’s face it he would be rather dull.

So ANYWAY. What I am really trying to say here, is the fact that I felt the need to go on and on about Mr. Darcy is why this book has found it’s spot on one of my favorite books of all time.

Cause you know, I just get it.

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    1. hahahaha I am a huge Anglophile… I can watch Pride & Prejudice all the time and yes I suspect it is because of Colin Firth. I love Jane Austen. I will check your blog out for sure!!

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