Lessons from my Grandmother

Those of you that know me personally know that my grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving.

She had leukemia and it was just her time to go.

My grandmother was a looker... :)
My grandmother was a looker… 🙂

I was fortunate enough that I was able to say goodbye but more importantly have conversations with her about life, love and happiness.

We also had a few moments of laughter because my grandmother was insane, which is why it was so hard to see her struggle with the disease.

We discussed my ambitions, especially when it came to travel. People often tune me out, because I desire to see everywhere and everything.

Yes I know that is impossible, but me being stubborn I am going to damn well try.

She was encouraging and told me to go for any of my dreams, because when I am 80 I will have regrets if not.

We discussed love, and how I often feel as if I loose myself in someone.

She told me that someone that loves me will understand my desires, and not try to curtail them.

She told me that I need to live every moment like it is my last, because the end of the road will happen, she just hopes I make it to 81 too.

She told me to live, love and laugh like it is my last.

I am forever grateful for those moments, and I count my blessings that even though she is gone I had a person liker her supporting my dreams all my life.

This is a short post but I felt the advice is something that everyone should be reminded of.

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