Katie Goes from El Salvador to Costa Rica by Catherine Black


Summary: Take another trip with Katie. This time she’s off to Central America, from El Salvador through Honduras and Nicaragua to Costa Rica by bus. If you have read one of her other books you will know that her trips and her comments are original and thought-provoking. This trip goes from the most dangerous city in the world to the quiet habitat of the lazy sloth. Along the way she tells you what’s good, what’s bad and what’s downright crazy. It’s never dull and if you are thinking of doing this trip you’ll pick up lots of useful tips. Most of all it’s fun so why not come along?

My Review: Central America is by far my favorite region of the world thus far, I love the culture, the color and the adventure. I choose this book because I was looking for a book set in El Salvador for my blog as I am trying to read a book set in every country of Central America.

This book was a fascinating book detailing the adventure Katie took from El Salvador to Costa Rica. Her adventures make you want to grab your credit card and book a flight to Central America asap, which I admit is not really something that takes a lot of arm pulling for me to want to do.

The stories made me smile as some of the places she visited I have been too and it made me remember a few memories. I love how reading can instantly transport you somewhere especially if you have been there it makes it that much more exciting and thrilling.

This was a very easy to read travel memoir that wasn’t preaching. As some can get very preachy… “if you don’t travel you are a loser” vibe. I hate those. This book was not that this book is a fascinating tale of Central America through the eyes of our author and I loved that and I will certainly continue to read her other works.

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