John Wayne is From Iowa

In case you did not know….

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Cause if we are going to have an honest conversation, and I am all about honesty, I thought he was from Texas.   Clearly I was wrong. I guess that it is just the proud Texan in me. cause every famous cowboy has to be from Texas right?


Ha! Well not John Wayne, in case you are uneducated (like I was) he is in fact from the small town of Winterset Iowa, population 5190 per the 2010 census, but in 1907 when John Wayne was born it was about 2800. 

So just in case you missed that JOHN WAYNE IS FROM WINTERSET IOWA.  🙂 Believe me when I was arguing with a very proud Iowan, I was very sad to admit I was wrong.  Don’t make my mistake.

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So anyway, when I was in Iowa I figured it would be fun to swing by the land of John Wayne. 

Sadly I didn’t tour the house as I was on a mild time constraint,  but I did snag some pretty decent pictures of the house outside.

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I have to admit the house was smaller than I was expecting, but it was kinda fun sitting on the steps that a True American Icon walked on as a kiddo… Plus people I mean come on… It is Freaking John Wayne, even you anti-western people out there, have to admit it, it is kinda cool 😉

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