I am huge into volunteer travel but the problem with volunteer travel is it can be costly.  I personally started researching a few ways to raise money for a trip & I found that people are often willing to donate if they can get something into return.

So I started selling Paparazzi.  I found that people are willing to hand over $5 for an adorable piece of jewelry and then I would in turn get money towards my volunteer project.

I can help you in two ways

We can set up an online face book party and you invite all of your friends, you sit back and I do all the work! The more people you invite the more you can raise.

You can also sign up to be a consultant.

If you are interested in either of these let me know and I will certainly help you out.

I am open to whatever you need help with, volunteer trips, a cause you are passionate about, a medical bill you can’t pay, heck an electric bill you can’t pay.  School groups, church groups!!! I can fund raise for just about anything!  Let me know!

I am here to help you!  11004224_10153090651723360_917599680_n

Don’t want to do any of this and just want to get some awesome bling? You can subscribe to my jewelry subscription service. It is simple sign up below, every month I will send you personally hand selected bling, it will be a monthly present to yourself!

Cost is the items plus shipping!
The $15.95 will get you 3 pieces of jewelry every month
The $25.95 will get you 5 pieces every month
The $35.95 will get you 7 pieces every month! 

Paparazzi of the Month

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