I love just about anything that involves an adventure (given I don’t have to exercise a lot), but can also lounge around the pool and read a good book. When I was 16 I once stole tires (I should adapt that night into a movie screenplay!), and I should have known then my life would be one long live action comedy.

I love theme parks & rollar coasters, but I have no intentions of ever sky diving.

Ziplining is turning into one of my favorite things!
Ziplining is turning into one of my favorite things!
I am always positing for pictures ūüôā

I want to travel the world, but understand that to travel I may need to stay put in my cubicle. UPDATE:  I quit the cubicle and now have a job that pays way less but has way more flexibility and overall I am pretty dang happy

When I travel¬†I am rarely without my camera, because I believe I see the world better though a camera¬†lens, I can now actually see the world. ¬†Turns out I had cataracts… and well that was an adventure.¬†


Loves animals, and wants to kick the people who abuse them in the knee caps.

Feels more at peace when I am near water and sea life. ¬†I even like sharks, just don’t know if I would like them face to face ūüôā


See it is a shark!!!


Doesn’t believe the nonsense that everyone hates Americans, I have met too many foreigners and I know better.

Loves chit chat and the people I meet via small talk.

Loves chatting all things travel on social media! Hit me up! I love meeting people!

Is a uber nerd that loves all things Cap & Avengers. I nerd out to a lot of things, and love to talk all things Nerd.


I love and respect my parents, even though they are quick to get on my nerves from time to time.

My brother drives me nuts, but he is one of my favorite people in the entire world.

I hated working in the cubicle… now I don’t and I have never been happier in my life.

I jumped ship, and have not looked back. 

The Top 10 Countries I want to visit right now:

1. Madagascar
2. Cambodia
3. South Africa
4. Brazil
5. Peru
6. Cuba
7. Sri Lanka
8. Argentina
9. New Zealand
10. Ecuador

5 USA cities I am ready to visit:

1. Portland
2. Boston
3. Seattle
4. Chicago
5. Miami

Most importantly I try to live by what Mark Twain said (heard he is my relative after all)


I try to post thoughts on many places as often as I can, but I post more frequently to my My Trip Advisor Profile so check there, especially if you are coming to Texas, I try to ALWAYS post reviews there ūüôā

Also, I have started this whole since I can’t travel full time I travel via books, so I have started adding the plot location of books to my blog. ¬†I know some of you want to travel the world via books too. ¬†This is my way to help you. ¬† I often google “Books Based in (insert country I am visiting here)” and come up short. ¬†Since I read so much I figured I would start making my own lists.

Sure you will find travel related things here, you will also find book reviews, movie reviews, nerdy stuff… and maybe a craft project here and there. ¬†I am firm believer there is more to life than your job, and I believe getting out and living life to the fullest even if that means you spend a weekend or two binging Lost Girl.. cause you know that happens more than I like to admit.


Just escape the cubicle already