Jefferson Davis House & Library

The Civil War is a dark time of American History but it is a part of history I enjoy learning about, simply because I find the era just fascinating.   I read all the stories and I read a lot of books that take place during this era, so when I learned that Biloxi is home to the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library I knew it was going to be the one thing I must do while visiting.

Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865.  His house, Beauvior, was in Biloxi and the home is available for tours & if you are in the area I highly recommend it.  The house was all but destroyed during Katrina and millions of dollars have gone into restoring the project.  In fact, much of the history was destroyed in that storm.  Dark American history or not it is a shame that a piece of American history was lost in that storm.   The original library was destroyed and later rebuilt.   Beauvoir was restored and it was nice to see the restored version but I would have loved to Beauvoir in it’s prime.

I found myself walking slowly through the library, reading and absorbing everything around me.  The museum is well curated and it is a place that you have to see to fully grasp the magnitude of the era and the storm damage that was caused in 2005.   If I ever go back to Biloxi I can assure you I will visit again.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my visit.

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