January Challenges

In an effort to really focus on having an amazing year I am going to have a monthly post on what I hope to accomplish.

Credit: commons.wikimedia.org
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org & I figured it was appropriate for January since the country is under ice it would appear 🙂 

In an effort of having a great year and not turn down opportunities I am going to focus on making myself feeling better and not saying no to opportunities.  The goal is to escape the cubicle after all. 🙂

However in order to not say no, I need to feel better. So health is a priority this year.

So goal #1

I am doing a 21 day detox with co-workers.   We are calling it the No Junk Food Challenge.

The rules are simple:

No Chocolate
No Candy
No Biscuits or cookies
No Cake, Donuts or muffins
No Pastries
No White Bread
No Chips
No Fast Food
No Soda
No Ice cream

We start this challenge on the 5th and it will last until the 25th

Goal #2

Switch to green tea in the mornings.

Goal #3

100 crunches a day

Goal #4

Go to the Taken 3 premier, I almost turned the tix down because it was a work night.  I decided that is a dumb reason.

Goal #5

Get $250 into my rainy day fund.  The reality about me other than my 401k I am horrible about saving money. HORRIBLE.  I am really going to make a solid effort this year at saving money.  My brother has inspired me when it comes to this, he saves money, so should I.

Goal #6

Take the 15 second hand stand challenge.

This is more of a fun thing, I am pretty out of shape.  I saw this challenge on Instagram and I thought hmm
“what fun”  the challenge is simple work to a full 15 second hand stand.

Truth: I can’t even get both legs up against the wall…. so I have a long road but I think it is going to be fun.  Want to join? take a picture or video everyday of you trying to do the handstand.   This is a full year challenge so it should be pretty interesting to see how it goes.  I am also excited to see how far along I get throughout the year.

So that about sums January up.  What are your goals?

Until Next Time


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