Jack of All Trades…..Master of None

Welcome!  Red’s Ramblings is my homage to the character of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding from one of the greatest movies of all time The Shawshank Redemption.  The decision to tell this story from Red’s point of view really launched Morgan Freemans career…so what better way to launch my blog.  So as you read my ramblings on various topics, I would like you to imagine the voice of Morgan Freeman reading my blog posts to you.

About Me!

I am a middle aged white guy…much like the famous Dennis Leary song states, except for the books about war.  I am a fairly plain and simple man, and while I would love to have the voice and presence of Morgan Freeman, I will have to settle for your imaginations.  I have read many books, can quote tons of movies, sing along with 1000’s of songs, but could never possibly be creative enough to write one on my own.  I have lived in many different areas, have knowledge of many things, but do not claim to be an expert on anything.  I can be opinionated and controversial, but I also try not to take myself too seriously.

Looking Forward

Movies – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, what more is there to say.  I feel like the first movie really snuck up on people that didn’t know what to expect. At this point in time, everyone should just trust Marvel.  Their movies dominate the box office, have perfectly cast characters, and find the right blend of action, effects, humor, and character development.  I can’t honestly remember a movie that hasn’t left me wanting the next one to start immediately.

Books – This is a seriously tough call, but the fortunate thing about that is that there are a lot of books I am looking forward to, so it will make it easy to list one weekly.  Hands down my favorite series right now is the Iron Druid Series by Kevin Hearne.  Atticus O’Sullivan, is a two thousand year old Irishman with magical powers, lots of famous and interesting friends, powerful enemies including some gods, and best of all….Oberon, his Irish Wolfhound he has taught to communicate telepathically.  This series has something for everyone, with an excellent balance of action, humor, suspense, a little romance and my favorite feature…sarcasm, lots of sarcasm. The narrator for the audio book is outstanding, and really brings the characters to life…one listen and Oberon will be in your head and heart forever.  For those already invested in the series, I am excited to announce there is a novella or book 8.5 being released July 11th titled Beseiged.  If you aren’t reading this series, you should be.  Check out the author and series here.


Meh….lets wait and see

Travel – The escapee recently posted about being a Disney junkie, well she has to stand behind me in that line.  It is the most “Magical Place on Earth”.  The great thing about Disney World is their ability to make you forget about everything going on outside of the “Disney Bubble” you are in.  I always look forward to going there, and take a lot of pleasure in actually just planning the trips, as I have found over the years, that you really can’t just wing it when you go there, unless you just want to totally relax and not be worried about what you ride or where you eat.  May of this year will see the opening of the Avatarland section of Animal Kingdom.  This project seems like it has been in the works for many years, and taken way longer than a usual Disney project.  For me, this isn’t a major draw or reason for me to run out and plan a trip….see me when Star Wars Land opens in 2019/2020.  Avatar is not a Disney property, and while I’m sure it will be beautiful, vibrant, and have a naturistic feel to it, I don’t feel like thematically it fits with Asia and Africa.  I do realize that they really didn’t have anywhere else to put it, and the additional attractions will help make the park a full day park.


Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity as to what will come next.  Because that’s what its all about isn’t it, what’s next!  Shawshank had a great underlying theme thru it….get busy living, or get busy dying.  Which direction are you headed?


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