Is the Go Oahu card worth the price?

Yes it was worth the price for our trip, but the real answer is maybe.

Dad and I decided to plan a few activities a day and then just wing the remainder of the day. We did not go to Hawaii with any expectations and I think we wanted to have some activities planned while having time built in to explore.  Which worked out for us very well. 

I always look into city cards, to see if they are something I would like to purchase before arriving.  Sometimes I purchase &  sometimes I do not . This time I choose to purchase because a lot of the things dad and I wanted to do were available on the Go Oahu Card.

We purchased 5 day cards, each card was $219.99 plus tax.   So this is where math and planning will come into play and why I feel I need to emphasize it is maybe a value.


I do not recommend buying the Go Oahu card if you have  no intention of planning your trip.  I love not planning trips from time to time, but since dad was in tow with me, I knew we needed some plans.  🙂

If you want to plan and do a little basic math then this card is likely for you!

We came out ahead, because we planned our trips around the card & what we wanted to do.  If you are  fast paced person, you can come out really ahead if you like to do 3-5 things a day.

We came out ahead by choosing 2-3 activities a day.  We felt the card had a lot of value at Pearl Harbor, just about everything at Pearl Harbor is covered on the card.

I will be posting plenty reviews in the coming months (work is BUSY right now!) over everything we did but some of the attractions we were able to take part in because of te Go Oahu Card

USS Bowfin

USS Missouri

USS Arizona Memorial

Germaine’s Luau

Diamond Head

Movie Set’s Tour

and much more. . .

Truth be told with a little planning & math this card can save you a lot of money especially in a state that is pretty darn expensive!

If you have any questions, as always send me an email or post below

Until Next time



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