Iowa State Capital

It is no secret that it is  my goal to visit every single state capital, it is also not a secret that I am seriously lacking on visiting the capitals.  I have seen a lot but I have not really “visited” So when I happened to find myself in Des Moines, I figured the  likelihood of me visiting again could be slim, so I went.

And let me tell you for a small state, the capital is stunning.


The capital has the option of taking a tour with a guide or a self guided tour, me being who I am, of course choose to be self guided, as I love snapping pictures and going at my own place. 

Midwest 445


Midwest 444

I love my home state’s capital in Austin, because I believe the Texas Capital is stunning, but I can say with complete confidence, Iowa would give it a run for it’s money in the stunning factor.

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Midwest 448

Midwest 464

A few fun facts about the Iowa Capital.

-The original cost of the capital was $2,873,294.59
-298 steps from the second floor to The Golden Dome
-The Diameter of the Golden Dome is 80 feet

Midwest 451

Midwest 462

I would totally want to sit in this area when the House & Senate are in session….

Midwest 477


Midwest 478

and honestly I would love to study in this library…

Midwest 491

Midwest 489

If  you are ever in Des Moines, I highly recommend going to the capital.  It is simply stunning.

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