If I had a million dollars…

Last week the Mega Millions jumped up to some ungodly amount and as claims adjusters pretty much hate their lives we had an office pool with the hopes of splitting the money and quitting.

Well obviously I didn’t win, because had I won I would be on the beach in Belize toasting the new high life.

The Beautiful waters of Belize
The Beautiful waters of Belize

Whenever the lottery jumps up to these crazy dollar amounts it seems pretty natural to discuss if you actually win what would you do?

I always joke and say “well if I win I will be on the first flight to Belize and I will fed ex my lap top to you.”  Others say they will pay off all their debts and retire, some say they will buy a yacht… even though winning the lottery is something we will likely never experience, it is still fun to dream.

Also, I am not really joking about taking the first flight to Belize.

After I took care of all the adult things, paid off my house, my parents house and cars, set a 100k or so aside in savings, make donations to a few charities I care about,  I would take the first flight to Belize and work my way slowly to Antarctica.

Then I would work my way through the rest of the world.   I would go back to Guatemala and spend six months of the coffee farm.  I would learn to surf in Central America I would hike the Inca Trail.  I would spend a lot of time in South East Asia… I would travel a lot. I would learn to speak Mandarin in China.

In fact I would tackle my bucket list one thing after another.

I know that winning the lottery is something that will likely never occur in my lifetime, but it is always fun to think about.

What would you do if tomorrow you woke up a millionaire?

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