I was locked in a room with a zombie… it was AWESOME!!!!

I recently was fortunate enough to take part in Room Escape Adventures and it was so much fun, in fact I am pretty sure I have talked about how much fun I had at least 100 times since doing this.

At first, I was not keen on being locked in a room with no way out, I was really not keen about being locked in this room with a zombie. Real zombie are not… the idea of having my face eaten by a zombie is not my idea of fun.

That being said, I had so much fun! I want to do this again.  Really guys, go do this.

I do not have any pictures from inside the room, I mean come on if I have to struggle with the puzzles so do you. 🙂


It is a fun concept, you have one hour to pretty much unlock five minute locks and get out of the room. You don’t get out you get eaten. If the zombie touches you, you are eaten. SO the premise is simple solve five clues, don’t touch the zombie…don’t get it eaten.

Yeah it wasn’t that simple.

Enter this room if you dare...
Enter this room if you dare…

I swear the clues are for those that want to work for the CIA. I solved one clue in that room. One. You are in the room with strangers, so you have to work together and fortunately everyone has their own skills they bring to the table but these clues are for CIA code breakers. In fact, only like 25% of the groups get out. Not the greatest odds. 

To make this even harder, you have a zombie to deal with. The Zombie is chained up, but every five minutes the zombie gets more chain. It gets pretty intense but you can’t help but laugh the whole time.


It was a much needed fun time and I really can’t wait to do it again. If this is available I can’t recommend it enough, check out Groupon for discounts.

My group didn’t make it, we got close and had we had an extra 10 minutes I am positive we would have gotten out.


I mean I became zombie food, but hey maybe you will make it out? Also check out Amanda the zombie… pretty freaking awesome right!

Misty was our guide and Amanda was our zombie, they were fantastic!! I really hope if you take part in this adventure you get them!

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