I was in the same room as Alcide…

NOTE: This post does have a season finale spoiler of last seasons true blood. You have been warned Further Disclaimer… the man was so beautiful and the lighting was not the greatest so needless to say NOT the best photos… I was semi shaking… seriously.. Keep reading for the 4-1-1

I was in the same room as Alcide….  yes ladies the beautiful man that plays Alcide… God he makes me want to watch True Blood right now on this cold, dark chilly day in October.


How did this happen you ask? Well let’s flash forward 2 weeks before San Diego con.

Like every nerd on the planet I was patiently awaiting to see what panels Nerd HQ was going to offer.

My days in the dreaded cubicle were the same, sit at my computer…ignore a phone call, get on Nerd Machine’s website, go to Nerd HQ for announcements…

Refresh… Still Nothing… Refresh again…. Still nothing… After about 145,854 times of checking the website, finally the panels were listed.

When all of the sudden I gasped very loudly, to the point one of my co-workers asked if I was ok…

I squeak “Joe Manganiello is going to have a panel at Nerd HQ”. (For the record, my co-worker, said that was something worth squealing about and she wanted to know what his butt feels like… yes Sheena, we all do)

I quickly stop everything I am doing told the attorney I had a computer glitch and I was going to have to call him back (this is Alcide we are talking about here) and called my mother, and nearly had an all out nerd panick attack. ‘OMG OMG Mom we have to go, you want to go right?” . Umm duh, of course she did!

So when it came time to get the tickets, I rubbed my hands together, signed on, snagged the tickets, get to the check out and then BAM the tickets disappear… I freak out, tweet Nerd HQ a million tweets freaking out. Go back to get tickets again and received a message that the event sold out.

What? No this can’t be? This is a joke? They had a glitch… NO!!!!!!! I am going to try again… just in case

So after about 20 minutes of pretty much an all out nerd breakdown, I tried again. I am glad I did, because I snagged two tickets. Mom and I were going to be up close with Alcide himself.

Then came the waiting game…

See here is the thing.  I think he is the hottest thing going in Hollywood right now (him and Chris Hemsworth!) he has the body of a god, a killer smile, and based on his education, I am willing to bet every dime in my checking account he is highly intelligent, Carnegie Mellon University is no joke.

In fact, the only reason I watch the train wreck that is True Blood is for him. True Story, ask Ashley Nemer.

FINALLY it was time for SDCC, and finally I was going to be in the same room as one of my top five hottest male actors (at Nerd HQ nontheless, home to another one of my top 5 Zachary Levi).

Don’t worry I don’t have my thoughts on Joe twisted, I know this post is coming across borderline obsessive, but come on guys, he is HOT!

Mom & I enter the room and much to my surprise Alan Tudyk was moderating.  I love Firefly, Dollhouse and Serenity, so I of course was nerding out about him too.

jm3 jm4 jm5 jm6 jm7

The panel was hilarious, those who say men are the perverted got it all wrong. Women are insane, when they get in a room with a hot guy, and told to ask away. These women did not hold back when it came to questions.

When is the next time you will get naked on True Blood? was pretty much the first question asked.

We would also find out what his costume is when he does nude scenes.


I gotta give it to Joe, he held it together.  He told us he would get naked one more time on the show….. SPOILER ALERT if you have not finished True Blood’s last season go to the next paragraph!!!! He totally gets it on With Sookie *screams with glee* cause that means way more nakedness next season ***END SPOILER***

He told us he has a she-wolf in real life.  He even teased us that he was going to take his shirt off, but then just put the shirt he received over the one he was wearing… Ugh.. Jerk.  Hot men should NOT be allowed to tease  like that! Seriously!  THANK GOD I OWN MAGIC MIKE!!!!

Trust me ladies I snapped AWAY hoping to get photos of that god like body he has…

jm11 jm12 jm13 jm14 jm15 jm16

Honestly I was too busy snapping pictures of him, I didn’t catch everything he said.  I was texting Ashley during the event, and Ashley wanted me to ask if that was his ummm thing in Magic Mike…

In case you were wondering, I didn’t ask. So we still don’t know.
Told you women were perverted.

 In fact I was trying so hard to not hyperventilate, my pictures were not turning out…  Mom kept having to tell me to calm down and I didn’t even speak to the guy…

Then to top this all off Zachary Levi dashed out quickly at the end of the panel, ladies I am not kidding, I felt like I was in Heaven.

Then Joe tosses stickers to the crowd which signaled the panel was over.

Now if I can just meet the man. Seriously.

Until Next Time.

PS I totally still have the sticker, It is pinned on my board over my bed, it is the first thing I see every morning. I know twisted 😉


PSS Joe (Yes I feel like I know you after going to the panel) I PROMISE I am totally a normal girl if we ever meet. lol

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