I am taking the 31 day No Spend Challenge


I am making the next 31 days no spending.  Which pretty much means no spending on anything that isn’t absolutely essential.

I am going to follow this plan until May 28th, I decided to start it now because on the 29th I am going to San Marcos to work on a volunteer project for Memorial Day and I knew that I would spend money that weekend.

I decided to do this challenge because while I have been doing much better with money, I am starting to pick up a few bad money habits.  I bought a few expensive clothing items & I am starting to consume caffeine again.  I am also getting really bad about using the tolls to avoid traffic & I am getting REALLY bad about eating out.  All of these items are budget killers and I am on a tight deadline to pay off two credit cards by time July rolls around.

Also I have decided that I want to award myself with a trip in the Fall if I pay off the two cards & well I can’t go on a trip if I don’t save right? 

I decided this was the perfect timing for my No-Spend month because over the past year I have accumulated a lot of unfinished projects.  I have started scrapbooks, sewing projects, modge podge projects, travel posts, keep sakes, painting projects, curtains for a birthday… I am not kidding at least 40 unfinished projects.  IT has been ridiculous, especially since they are taking up so much space.  I also still have a TON of stuff I need to get rid of and clean out.  I mean it is absolutely insane how unorganized I am.

So essentially while I am not spending money I am going to be re-organizing my life & finishing a lot of tasks I have not finished.  The next 31 days will be hard but will probably feel great once I am done. 

I am also excited because this will be a great opportunity for me to stop consuming caffeine and force me to eat what I have and eat great wholesome and healthy foods, so I know I will also feel amazing at the end of the month.

I am also going to read a lot of of books I have already bought but have not gotten around to reading (no joke the book count is in the 100s)

I am going to check movies out at the library and see I can get through some of the AFI list.

I am going to finish my scrap book projects and the stacks of mementos that need to go in my adventure book.

I am going to really try and tackle all my unfinished sewing projects, seriously I get excited go buy all the stuff then never start the project.  I won’t even have to buy anything to finish the projects.  I also have a lot of clothing items I need to mend so I can wear again.

Make my Captain America modge podge shoes.

Sell every single thing I no longer want and/or use.  Again, I have literally dozens of items that can go.   Maybe I will get lucky and make some extra money this month too? 

I am going to use bath products I already have vs going out and buying more.  (yes I am doing that, I know pathetic)

I am going to clean up all my makeup & give it to some of the teens I know.  I don’t use, someone else should.

So long story short I am going to really focus on organizing my life while saving (and hopefully making some money)

I am going to try and post updates to let you know how I am doing & to let you know if I “actually” finish any of the projects I am hoping to finish this month.

Have you taken the no spend challenge??? Anything I should mentally be prepared for? 


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