I am in love, with Trader Joe’s Vit E Oil…


This is a miracle product ya’ll and for the VERY low price of $3.99. You seriously can’t get better than this product.

When it came time to start switching out all my current products for more natural, cruelty free products, I struggled with finding an oil. I love putting oil on myself after I shower for a natural looking glow, I also have some small acne scars from my teenage days, that have faded over time… but still have a small presence.

Anyway, I was looking for an oil that was cruelty free product that I could use after the shower & especially this summer I tend to get dry skin in the summer, Texas summers are brutal ya’ll. This product was on so many lists I knew it had to be legit and I shop at Trader Joe’s weekly, so I figured it was worth trying.

In fact one girl called it her boyfriend it is simply that amazing.   She isn’t alone, simply google Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil and there are numerous people that have stated their admiration for this amazing product.

I am finding that I use this product for everything.  I use it as a make up remover when I wear eye makeup, I use it 2-3 times a week on my small scars, I use a few drops after the shower on my legs, I put a few drops on my hair ends for an extra conditioning boost.  I use a few drops into my bath when I want some extra conditioning and lately I have started using it with another product to help condition my cuticles.  This is literally a product I will probably continue to use like… forever.  I am in love with this product.  Plus I don’t think I need to tell you about the amazing affects vitamin E has on aging… it might as well be considered a fountain of youth.

and for $3.99 you can afford to add this puppy to your arsenal too.  I promise you will not be disappointed with the results.  

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