New Year New Jen

Confession: I never feel 100% anymore.

My body is toxic, I have migraines, nausea (all the time), stressed and overall just feel like crap.

I never sleep, because I don’t sleep I need more caffeine than I am sure is legal and then I get so hopped up on caffeine I need large quantities of sleeping pills to actually, maybe go to sleep.  It is a cycle.  An addictive cycle.

I am 32, and honestly I am a stroke waiting to happen.

I need detox. I need to get it together.

I decided I was going to start this up in Jan, new year new Jen.  I am going to take this slow, but one thing I can say is when I eat vegetarian/vegan I feel better.

Which is why I am going vegan. Eventually.  I’m going to transition there.

Sorry meat eaters, this is simply the truth. At least for me.  When I tried this in the past, I felt amazing.

I love steak & cheese.  Don’t get me wrong this is not going to be easy, I tried this before and was doing great then I started eating meat again…I believe I did it for the wrong reasons, but about a month ago I had a bit of a light bulb moment.

I realized that the number one thing on my bucket list is to hike the Inca trail… well at the pace I am taking my life, that will NEVER happen.  As I eat like garbage and never exercise. I also have constant chest pains, my blood sugar levels get so low I nearly pass out (often) and before I have serious medical issues this needs to be addressed.

Not to mention I dream of running a marathon, the Iron Man, kayak the amazon, hike the Great wall… all of these are physical..

At this  rate I will NEVER hike the Inca train, or any of the things mentioned above.


It is time to get it together and get back into my healthy lifestyle.  I wasn’t always like this.  So I know I can be healthy and make right decisions.

I have also decided that people that make me feel bad about myself, all the time are gone.  I am no longer associating with people that feel the need to kick me while I am down.

New Year New Jen.

That is what I keep telling myself anyway. I hope it sticks.

Yes new years “resolutions” are always doomed to fail, but I am treating this as a gradual change in lifestyle.  I am also treating it as “training” for the Inca Trail. I have learned my motivations are not pant size anymore, but travel destinations.

I will not go vegan over night believe me, but I do plan on making the changes.  I am going to try and share weekly updates with you, to let you know how I do.

Cause let’s face it folks, I can’t escape the cubicle if I feel like constant crap.  Like I have for the past two years.

Until Next Time,


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