How to pass the Mock 1 with VIPKID

This post is for those of you that are about to go through the Mock 1.   I did really well on my Mock 1 I passed and didn’t have to do a second Mock.   I was pretty proud of this because I didn’t have anyone to help me I simply had videos and the internet to get me through this process.   I connected really well with my mentor and I was certified for trials and levels 2&3.    I am now almost 90 days in and certified for trials and levels 1-5.   I will be certified for Pre-VIP by the end of next weekend.    So I feel like I can offer valuable insight into the Mock.

I am going to write a post that will offer tips per slide and I will have that live tomorrow.    I am not going to share the physical slides as  that is PROPERTY of VIPKID and I like my VIPKID job so you will have to read while following along with your slides.   There are certified people on YouTube that do a full walk through with the slides… I do not have that privilege so I can’t do that for you but I can offer my insight.

So what are my basic overall tips?


  1.  Wear orange.   You actually don’t have to wear orange when you are teaching just a solid color.  To be honest I tend to wear orange or black when I teach.    I always wear Orange on the weekends because I get more trials and I want new potential students to feel like I am a professional teacher that belongs with VIPKID.   So the point I am making here?  Wear Orange it looks like you want to be part of this company.
  2. Say Big X Small X…  DO not say little X.  Yes I know in North America we often learn to say Little vs Small… that is not the case with the Chinese.. say small or you will be marked off.
  3. Smile to the point your cheeks hurt.    One of the number one reasons my referrals are not getting offered a Mock 2 or being asked to do a Mock 2 is because of smiling and one other issue.
  4. That other issue?  Time.   Time was important in the interview… it is more important in the Mock.    You have to be careful in the Mock… you can’t rush the “student”  but you can’t go over time either.   I actually finished the entire level 2 class (which is why I was certified in that vs the intermediate)   If you go over significantly you will be asked to do a second mock.
  5. YOU MUST MUST MUST be positive an upbeat.    This is the case while teaching too and believe it is going to suck at first when you are teaching at 3 am or your first overnight, but not only will you not get hired you will get bad feedback and no one wants that.
  6. Make your reward system visible in someway.    I change my reward systems… but if you are giving something make it so it shows throughout the entire class.   I have heard 50% of the mentors want this.    I have heard the other 50% don’t really care… but if you get one that cares well you want to be prepared.
  7. If you can change up the reward system for level 2 and 4.   I did a guess the word for my level 4.   It just shows you care about each student as an individual.
  8. Get to know your mentor.   I really enjoyed my mentor we actually went over time a bit because it was fun talking to her.   I also asked for opinion in certain slides on how to teach because there are a couple that I still had no clue… that I know I was very awkward through.   I really think this benefited me.
  9. Have fun.   Seriously.  Have. Fun.   I know it can be stressful and it it is awkward AF teaching to a grown up who is acting like a five year old.   I would even go as far as saying it is a bit unnerving… but just make the best of it and have fun.   Believe me they will be able to tell.

So there you guys go 9 tips to help you pass!  I promise if you do these you will either pass or get asked to do the Mock 2.    Getting asked to do a mock 2 is NOT A BAD thing…  it means they see something in you and want to give you another chance to improve.   The number one reason they ask you to do a mock 2 is timing & believe me it is much easier to stay on time when you are teaching.  I rarely if ever go over time.  I really recommend practicing each slide to be taught at 40-50 seconds which will give you a 10 second grace period for students who hesitate or need correction… I often read a minute per slide… that is a great approx but honestly if you need to correct or need give the student time… you just went over.    I will have my tip per slide post coming soon!

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