How is Jen saving money?

Yesterday, I wrote about money becoming a hot topic for me.  I am borderline obsessed with money now.  I am trying to do anything and everything I can to save money & reduce my spending.

Here are a few of the ways I am saving money:

One of the first things people recommend is getting rid of your car.  Well I live in Dallas and people that is NOT an option for most Texans.  However what is an option is car pooling.  I have found a co-worker that lives with in five miles of me, we alternate weeks.   This saves me $80 a week.  Yes I spend $80 between gas & tolls.

Average monthly savings $160
Anticipated Annual savings $1920.

I am an AVID reader, reading is one of my favorite pastimes especially since I am not really able to travel right now. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited which costs $9.99 a month. Now I won’t get into the pro & cons, as I feel for me personally the pros way out way the cons. Especially since Lonely Planet has all their guides on there. I can read about the destinations vs paying money for each guidebook especially since guidebooks typically become out dated quickly. I often buy $10-15 books a month. Like I said I am an avid reader. Having this membership introduces me to many new authors and saves me money on guidebooks. Typically I spend $4-10 per book.

Monthly savings $40-$150
Anticipated annual savings $480-$1800

Note: when I saw these numbers I was stunned… I spend A LOT of money on books, and this is something I am pretty aware of now.

After seeing the obnoxious amount of money I spend on books, I started going to the library.

This equals bigger savings… seriously people if you read a lot start using your library!

Bring my lunch to work.

Again this is a classic no brainer when it comes to saving money. Every article you read will emphasize taking your lunch to work. Now that I take my lunch, my average meals cost me $3-4. When I was eating out I was spending $10-15 per lunch.

Average monthly savings $140-$220
Anticipated Annual Savings- $1680-$2640.

There are many more ways to save money, but these are the three changes I have made and obviously the savings are huge. To put this in perspective,  if I follow this the remainder of the year my anticipated savings comes out to $2040-$3180. To think that by making these changes, I can have an additional $3100 is HUGE.  Double those numbers for what the savings can be for an entire year, just by making three changes.

What do you do to save money?

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