How do you read so much?

“Jen seriously, how are you able to read so much?”

I get asked this a lot, at least once a week.

So I have a confession.

I listen to a lot of audio books.   Listening to audio books during my commute is my biggest secret to how I am able to read…err listen to so many books.  2 hours a day of listening to someone read to you makes you go through a lot of books.

That is my secret.  Like most people I work 40 hours a week, I have projects I work on, I have to wash my car and take care of things on the weekends, I commute to work… I am pretty busy.   That being said I am also pretty penniless so I read a few nights a week, because I am not someone who is going to happy hours or movies right now.  So I do have a little free time.  Not having kids certainly gives you more time & I figure I better make the most of it in case I ever have kids 🙂

I am also blessed to have a high reading comprehension rate.  I can read quickly and retain what I read at a very fast pace.  I can typically finish a 250 page book in an evening if I really get into the book.     So in theory I could read a book a day if I really wanted to but I do have days where I do not read at all.

I am also fortunate to have a job that I can listen to audio books while I work.  I do a lot of investigative type work and my brain functions with stories being told while I work.    A lot of people I work with listen to music.  So while it is weird, it is not weird in my line of work.

So I guess in short I cheat… that is how I am able to read so many books.   The books are technically being read to me, and I physically read books in the evenings.    There have been days I have read 2 books in one day, because I was able to listen to an entire book at work and then read a book in the evening.

I know it is freaking weird.  So believe me, I am pretty busy I am just multi tasking 🙂

At least that is what I tell myself.

I am really pushing the limit with reading this year, because I am on “wallet lock down” and I figure this is the year to really push myself and knock off as many of my book bucket list goals as I can.   My first goal is read 200 books in a year, if I accomplish that I want to read 250, 300 and eventually 365 which is a book a day.

I also want to read a book set in each state & every country.  I want to complete the 1001 books to read before you die list… and a few other quirky lists.

I have a lot of reading goals.  I figure this is a year to really push myself and see what I can do, especially since I can’t travel much.   Right now I am on pace to read 200 books this year & maybe read 250.  I would like to see if I can read 365 this year but I am focusing on one goal at a time.   We will see where I am at the end of the year.


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