How do I plan my trips?

As I get more seasoned with travel I am finding that I get random PM’s from people that I didn’t even know were paying attention to my Facebook.  I get asked random questions like “How do you plan a trip to a country across the world?” or “How much underwear did you take to China?” or “Where are you going next?”…

I only have one trip planned this year and it is taking me all over the Caribbean but as I start preparation for next year I realized that I do in fact have a bit of a process when I start planning my trips.

Typically my trip inspiration will start with a book, movie or TV show.   (Anthony Bordain is 100% responsible for my trip to Chengdu. )  I am pretty sure I am 100% going to St. John Newfoundland next year and it is 100% because of Republic of Doyle on Netflix.

Side note- As far the other places next year?  I am still working on those plans.  Now that I have a remote job, I really don’t have to stay in one place for long anymore and I plan on taking advantage.  

Then will come my skyscanner search for flights so I get an idea when I can go… or if the flights are crazy expensive how long will it take me to get there…

Currently I can go to Germany for $383.00!!!!!!!  Skyscanner is a great place to check out cheap flights.  I always use them for an idea of cheap places to go 🙂 just choose everywhere as your destination… make your time flexible and choose cheapest month.  YOU might be shocked at how cheap some places are 🙂 

Then comes the quite shameful stalking of my three favorite bloggers and sometimes other bloggers if I know they have been somewhere.

Seriously almost a stalker… but bloggers are fantastic resource. 

Then I check out travel guides at the library to get a more detailed idea of budget, where to stay and a basic history.

I don’t buy travel guides, I buy plane tickets.  I use the library, you should too! 

Then comes many hours of internet searches… and shamelessly watching YouTube videos.

I just search my country of choice and get to watching.  OMG YouTube is a new obsession. 

I also google books set in (insert country or place here) and check out and read as many books as I can during this entire process.

I have been reviewing books set in certain places for years so this is more than just a random hobby 🙂 

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    1. Thank you. I really try to offer advice when I think of it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it 🙂

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