Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I took the Ancestry DNA test once and while I know there have been tons of reports at the inaccuracy it came back that I was 20% Irish.  I know members of my family came from Ireland so there must be some truth right?

I figured today I would share with you books & movies that are either set in Ireland or have something to do with St. Patrick’s day.    I have personally worked on reading every single of these books & watched the movies so I feel ok sharing them with you today 🙂

May the luck of the Irish be with you today 🙂



On my quest to see all of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year I watched this film, let’s just say I am in love with this story. In love I tell you. It is a beautiful story about a girl that had the courage to leave her home and travel to a foreign country. She falls in love… sigh. Just watch this movie people, there is a reason it was nominated.

Leap Year


Sure it didn’t get the best reviews but the VIEWS of Ireland in this movie make anyone salivate with Wanderlust.

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