Halloween Week 2017!!! Scary (well kinda scary anyway) Binge Worthy TV shows

OK so all of these are not going to be scary, but I think they are fun and have been recent binges.  🙂

The Walking Dead. 

Duh.  This is by far my absolute favorite show right now (and I am very obsessed with JDM as Negan) that all being said if you are someone that is not on the Walking Dead Train already, you should be.


This show has been on since I was in college (which was a decade ago)  I will never forget watching that first episode with the demon and the girlfriend on the ceiling.  Like seriously though… chills and I was hooked.  Plus again my boy JDM is in that show too. Not to mention it stars some very hot really from Texas boys.


This show is new and so much fun.  It is only on episode 4 and available on Hulu.  I think it is hilarious but it has a supernatural element which makes it perfect for Halloween.


This show is AMC.   I am pretty obsessed with this show right now.  IT isn’t necessarily spooky or scary but it is dark and certainly plays with the supernatural.

Midnight Texas

Another show that may not be scary but plays with the supernatural plus if you miss True Blood this might be a good one for you.

American Horror Story

Take your pick on which season to watch.  I am very new to this series, I have only technically finished Coven.  I go back and forth between season 1 and Freak Show.   It is so good and sooo bingeworthy,

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