Green Smoothie Challenge- Who is with me?

I admit this is something I have been putting off until I came back from China because I feel it is always good to detox a bit after you spend a week eating rich food.

I was contacted by Positive Health Wellness about their smoothies and as I dug deeper into their website I love their approach to health and wellness. I am very into hot yoga right now and honestly when I match yoga up with a smoothie I truly feel like a super hero.

So I am absolutely 100% doing this 7 day smoothie challenge and I want you to join me.  It is free and has simple recipes to follow.

Here is the link so you can join in with me.  I am going to share my smoothies on insta

Also check out their site I found this post which is an excellent source of meal replacement smoothies which I am excited about because I always want smoothie healthy but not a full meal after yoga.

So I am back from China today and I am starting this challenge tomorrow and I want you to join me!  It is just one drink a day and I am not asking you to give anything up, but just drink to your health!

If you join in make sure you tag me @TheCubicleEscapee and @positivehealthwellness and let us know that you joining me!


Headline Photo Credit goes to Positive Health Wellness.

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