Grand Canyon in Pictures

The grand canyon is well…. Grand.  Many people have written about the Grand Canyon, and all of it’s glory, and I really don’t know how they are able to do that, because there are no words I can write to express my admiration.

I remember the first time I saw the Canyon, and it literally took my breath away.  I was 19, and the same feeling occurred this past trip, 11 years later…

grand 17

While this was my second visit to the beautiful park, I could go on and on about the majestic canyon, but I am choosing to make this post about the pictures not words, because simply put my words do not do the Canyon justice… I am not poetic like that 😉

I took 100s of photos, you can see all of them at my facebook page



grand 7grand 1grand 2grand 3grand 4grand 5grand 6grand 15 grand 16 grand 18 grand 12



grand 14

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