Getting Stamped in Belize

On this trip I HAD to get my passport stamped. I have never felt like an “official” traveler because my passport remained blank.

So I shamelessly, tracked down where to get my passport stamped in each port. (there is so much more than traveling that stamps, but I just HAD to do it!)


I suceeded in Honduras & Belize, but Mexico I didn’t which is ironic as I have visited Mexico multiple times but never been stamped.

Anyhow, I asked everyone where to go get stamped in Belize… it took me forever to find it.

Finally I found it. I loved it, it was so small, and the lady that stamped my passport was so sweet. Which just confirmed that Belize may have the best people in the world!



and look I get to strike something else of my bucket list…


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