Getting High: The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal by Bill Walker


Country Set In: Nepal
Summary: What is the best way for the average person to authentically experience the world’s greatest mountain range–the Himalayas? Fortunately, there is now a good answer. The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal is the most popular footpath in Asia. Its genius lies in its design. Trekkers wind their way around and along some of the world’s greatest peaks, ultimately getting near 18,000 feet, without ever having to do any ‘technical climbing’. This Circuit is widely considered one of the world’s great treks, and mortals from all around the world are coming to Nepal for the unique chance to ‘get high’. Bill Walker (‘Skywalker’) struggled his way through the Annapurna Circuit in 2012. He has written this entertaining tale of his journey in this land of Sherpas, cold, altitude, and rushing water.

Bill Walker is an amazing story teller, every word in this book made me feel as if I was on the journey with him.  I had moments at my desk when I  would burst out laughing (I listened to it on audio) because the ridiculous situations he found himself in.    We are kindred spirits.  Believe me.

I laughed & there were even moments I cringed at the situations.

This author has a fresh take on travel & a way with words that will make you want to book a flight to Kathmandu and hike the Circuit.

As a dreamer of hiking the Inca Trail, I was amazed at the beauty & struggle of this amazing circuit.

This is an amazing book if you are looking for inspiration for your own trekking adventure or if  you are like me and reading travel memoirs to help plan an around the world adventure.

This tale is worth the $2.99 on Amazon for the fresh, funny and enjoyable light read.

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