Finding the Yeti, and the Discovery of My Favorite Disney Ride

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Hey Everyone, today I am posting about my favorite ride, <ahref=””>Expedition Everest… or “The Yeti” as I lovingly call it. This ride is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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The first time I ever rode this ride was January 2011, and the minute I came off this ride I knew I had to ride it again, and again and well again. I went around talking about the “Yeti” and didn’t even realize it was called Expedition Everest until some kid on the bus, said “umm, it’s not called the Yeti, it’s called Expedition Everest”. Well that’s great kid but I still prefer to refer to it as the Yeti 🙂

I love walking up to this ride, you can see the mountain in the distance, and I can just feel myself getting giddy with excitement.

The Yeti

I have been fortunate enough to not really ever have to wait in a long line for this ride, most likely due to going in off season, but it is once again another line queue that I don’t really mind, because the Imagineers that designed this ride, took a lot of time staging the line, to make you believe you are your way to “The Forbidden Mountain” to find the mythical Yeti. So there are artifacts of past voyages, that allow you to get that “authentic” experience.

The scat cracked me up, had to take a pic of it

All these pictures were taken the first time I rode this ride, I had no clue what I was getting myself in to. I had no clue, none. I was just in awe of the props.

Then I walked up to this sign.

Oddly enough, I took a picture of the sign but didn’t read it, I had no clue I was about to go on a ride, that would be in the “dark” and go backwards.

I get onto the ride, which sadly I didn’t get a picture of the ride train, as it is welled themed, as steam train that will take you the base camp.

I rode the ride, ducked the “terrifying” Yeti, and thus My Favorite Ride at Disney was born. I have been told that riding coasters with me is a funny experience, as all I do is yell, scream and giggle. Not to mention I “duck” the Yeti everytime!

Here is the picture from the first time we rode the ride

every face in this train is priceless

All in all, this is the sole reason I go to Animal Kingdom, if you are ever at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you must ride this ride. It is delightful and honestly the “Yeti” is a must see, as it is a true piece of art.

And just in case you are wondering, here is a pic of me after the last time I rode it, you can see I survived the Mythical Yeti

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What is your favorite ride?

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