Finding Hannah by John R. Kess


Summary: Fifteen-year-old Dylan Beachley’s family is shattered when his older sister Hannah is kidnapped from their rural New Hampshire home while he slept just one floor away. Weeks of searching by volunteers and local law enforcement provides no clues to Hannah’s whereabouts. Determined to find her after the official search is suspended, Dylan sets out using his extensive knowledge of the forest to search for his sister. He is joined by Molly, an energetic fifteen-year-old who just moved to the area with her drug addict mother and her mother’s drug dealing boyfriend. As Dylan and Molly search hundreds of acres surrounding the Appalachian Trail, they must deal with the rugged wilderness, Dylan’s grief stricken family, and Molly’s abusive home life as the two refuse to give up their goal — Finding Hannah.

My Review: Wowza this book was good. I don’t recommend reading it during a really bad summer storm though. I am glad I stumbled across this book in my search of books set in New Hampshire.

This is a book that does really well conveying raw emotion, I couldn’t imagine if my brother was kidnapped while I was sleeping in the next room, I would be devastated. I truly felt every single emotion Dylan was feeling, I love my brother so I get the bond between siblings.

This book deals with a lot, kidnapping, drug addiction, child abuse… it has it all. In short, this book is truly fantastic. I am very excited I discover it, another reason I love Kindle Unlimited, you never know what you will discover.

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