FINALLY, my passport is stamped!

Let me repeat, FINALLY, my passport is stamped!

After many years of going to and from Mexico, my passport is stamped. I have been to Mexico countless times, but never have I stamped my passport.

I just got home from Belize, Honduras & Mexico and my passport still does not have a Mexican stamp… but it has a Belize & Honduras stamp 🙂

Finally something that has been on my bucket list for years and years… is accomplished 🙂

My mom had my passport stamped in Honduras without me around, and I was so upset.  I was all distraught at first then I opened it up and saw the stamp.  I felt like a kid on Christmas.


In Belize, I was determined to get the stamped myself the first time, so I walked all over looking for immigration… finally I found it…


Yep that teeny tiny building was customs, and it made me smile

I walk in and strike up a conversation with the lovely lady that stamped my passport, I asked if I could take a picture and explained this is monumental for me, she obliged.

The end result? I am all official now, I am officially stamped 🙂

I don't think she understood how excited I was about this stamp!
I don’t think she understood how excited I was about this stamp!


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