Fight Like A Girl (Part One) by Dawn Pendleton


Set in:  Massachusetts
Summary: **This is a 3-part novella series**

MMA is no place for a girl – unless that girl is Max Brady. Growing up around the ring as the daughter of a famous fighter, she finally takes her place in the MMA world after her father’s mysterious disappearance. Deciding to fight was the easy part – she never imagined finding a good trainer would be her biggest obstacle.

Kingston Lawrence was a rising star in the MMA world, until a knee injury forced him to the other side of the fight. He thought three rounds in the ring was hard, but nothing compares to the battle of training and taming Max. Her sexy body makes up for her sarcastic mouth, and it isn’t long before he wants to be more than just her trainer.

But Kingston has a secret, one that could ruin both their lives. He can train Max for a fight, but nothing can prepare them for what happens when that secret is revealed.


I love fighter romance, but this one is different because the fighter was female.  I love when authors write a strong kick but lead in their novels.  Max is a no nonsense type of gal and if she was real I would be her friend.

This book has a serious cliffhanger and I really can’t wait to see where this story goes.  This book is short fast paced and a very easy read.  I really can’t wait for part 2.

Also what is Kingston’s deal??? You will not find out in this book but hopefully we find out soon!  Keep them coming Pendleton!

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