February Goals

This year I started posting monthly goals to help me achieve a New Year New Jen….. I have found the challenges fun, some are successful some not so much. All are helping me grow and feel better as a person.

So how did I do last month?

The 21 detox wasn’t really a success, that being said I did eat healthier overall, and haven’t really binged on anything sweet.  I have been trying to really focus on making healthier choices.

Green Tea? yeah no.

100 crunches a day… I am hitting this goal about three times a week… which is better than before, which was like never. I am starting to notice a little more strength in my abs which is great, but I think I need to really step up my exercise.

Taken 3 was eh.

Get $250 into my rainy day fund! Success! I went from $0 in savings to $250.  Believe me I am proud of this, because I am NOT a saver, my goal this year is to change this behavior. This will be one of the hardest things I have ever tried to overcome.

The Hand Stand Challenge, I came down with the flu mid month so I took a break, but I am now back to doing it… It is a work in progress.

So what are my goals this  month?

1. Pay off my Firestone Credit Card.  This is currently my smallest credit card balance, the goal this month is to get rid of this balance to free up money to put towards my other cards.

2. Practice Spanish 15 minutes a day.  I leave for Ecuador in less than 60 days, it is time I up my Spanish skills.

3.  Save $500 in my rainy day fund.  The goal this month is to double my savings.  That might be easier said than done, since I am paying off one of my credit cards, but I am hoping to double my savings this month.

4. Watch 10 movies on the American Film Institute Greatest 100 movie list

5.  Walk the neighborhood three times a week, I really need to exercise more, the goal here is to get out and get some exercise! I am getting my eating habits under control slowly, but it doesn’t really mean anything if I never exercise.

6. Eat breakfast daily! I never eat breakfast this needs to change.

So there you have it this month’s goals.  I feel pretty good about these goals and I suspect if I really do work on accomplishing these goals I will feel even better than I do now.

What are your goals this month?

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