Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy by Maddy Raven & Monica Leonelle


Set in: Louisiana
Summary: Emma Woodhouse is planning the wedding of the century for her practically-a-sister Annabeth Taylor—but when her relationship with the best man, Jace Knightley, comes into question, she worries that their bickering will ruin everything she’s worked so hard on… and change them both in the process.

Elsie Bennet intends to make a good impression on Rosebelle’s newest family, the Bingleys, but struggles when her family interferes. And then, there’s Fitz Darcy, who comes across cold, aloof, and at times, flat-out rude. He seems to have something against Elsie and the rest of the Bennets for reasons she can’t figure out…

What would happen if Emma Woodhouse and Elsie Bennet were best friends in modern times? Find out!

A modern retelling of Emma and Pride and Prejudice, Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy is the first book in the Emma + Elsie series, a New Adult contemporary romance collaboration by Maddy Raven and Monica Leonelle (recommended for adults 16+)

Hmmm, If I am going to be honest this book took awhile to get into, I finally did start to enjoy the book, but it took almost 80 of the 121 pages to do so. Warning, it ends on a hell of a cliffhanger.

This is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice & Emma essentially. Imagine if Lizzie and Emma were best friends and you have this book, only set in modern times.

I am curious to see where the authors will take the series, but if I was going to recommend something I think it would be to smooth the book out a bit, it felt choppy and erratic at times. I found myself filling a lot of spots because I am such a P&P fan.

I will continue to read this series because I did enjoy it overall, I just felt a few things needed to be smoothed out. I am not sure if is because two authors wrote it and they have two writing styles but they do get major points for creativity and I will continue to read the books.

LSU fans your college is mentioned throughout this book so if you love P&P and LSU this book is def for you!

Overall I give this book three stars. Any author that appreciates P&P as much as I do gets major points in my book!

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