Dzibilchaltun Ruins the coolest ruins you can’t pronounce

Don’t ask me how to say Dzibilchaltun… I truly have no clue.  I asked literally 20 people and got a difference answer.  Either way… While I was in Merida I was laying around trying to figure out what I could do for a couple of hours.  I pulled out my phone got on Trip Advisor and decided to go for it.  I called an  Uber and 15 minutes later I arrived.



First I arrived around 2 on a Monday afternoon, I literally had the whole place to myself.  Second I should have brought my swimsuit because they had Cenotes I could have swam in 🙁   Either way I enjoyed walking around and climbing to the top of the ruins

img_1195 img_1196


It was such a beautiful day I of course had to take the stairs to the top of one of the ruins and see what photos I could snag… which meant I would try playing with some of the features on my phone… I did snag some accidental hilarious photos….

img_1288 img_1313


Don’t ask… I really have some nerd issues.

Overall the ruins were amazing but only cost 150 pesos to get in and you can uber there yourself.  I spent a total of $18 including uber both ways, so I don’t know if it is worth a steep tour price, but if you are in Merida I do think it is a great day trip.   Here are some of the pictures from my trip.  All pictures were taken with an iPhone.

img_1160 img_1162 img_1163 img_1168 img_1170 img_1172 img_1315 img_1314 img_1306 img_1302 img_1301 img_1300 img_1194 img_1189 img_1187

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