Duolingo: A Review

In 2015, I plan on going to South America I won’t say where just yet, but one of things I really want to focus on is learning more Spanish.  In Guatemala, I felt so lost & realized that my Spanish capabilities are very basic.  Tex-Mex speaking ability will get you NO where in Guatemala.  Seriously. 

Anyway, I am not paying for classes right now because I simply do not have the time and I am in a “I need to save money mode”, so when I learned about Dulingo I figured I really would give it a go.


It is a free app that helps you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese…

When you sign up you pick your language and you get a little Coach.  You will also pick your “dedication” do you want 10 minutes, 15? or 25?

As I currently lack a life I am trying to practice for 25 minutes a day.  Which is about 50 Experience points I have to accomplish per day to be on track.


You also have lives, every time you miss something you loose a heart.  You loose all of your hearts you do not advance to the next level.

My understanding is it is about 3-4 months of practice.  Which if you think about it, is a lot of money  saved if you take a language class where you only meet 1-2 times a week.  This app allows you practice daily. 

As some one who has taken classes to learn Mandarin & Spanish I will say this is a fun way to learn a language if you are like me and saving money.

You will type Spanish, translate Spanish, read Spanish and speak Spanish.  The app will also give you a chance to practice weak skills.

Will this app make me fluent?  No probably not.  Will this app help me prepare for South America? Yes

Plus come on the app is free, what more can you ask for? Free language lessons are always fantastic. 

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