Chip & Dale

So here is the thing, I love Disney.   Most of you know this already, so this isn’t really a shocking revelation or anything.  I love to travel but there is something to be said about the Magic of Disney.

Recently I have been going through my 10k plus photos I have taken the past year or so,  (I take a lot of photos!!)and realized that I have a ton of Disney memories I want to share. So that got me to thinking, why not dedicate an entire month to Disney? I have 5000 photos just dedicated to Disney.  I am serious.  I take pictures of characters, rides, food, people….  me. It is a bad addiction.


For those of you that love Disney like me, join in for the fun.

I LOVE Chip and Dale, and every time (and I do mean EVERY TIME) I see them I have to wait in line for the meet & greet.

They are so much fun, and if you ever find yourself with the chance to meet them.  Do yourself a favor and DO IT!

Have a Disney Day 😉







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