Disappointing Drive Through Kansas

On the way back from Missouri we drove through Kansas, having never been to Kansas I was excited to experience a new state. Being a huge Superman fan, I knew I was going to LOVE Kansas, I mean Clark Kent was raised here it has to be pretty nifty right?

Ironically this was the welcome center when you enter on the Oklahoma Border. We missed the center on the Missouri border. boo!

I was disappointed.

I was only in the state for 2 hours or so, and all I really saw were fields, fields and well more fields. I was hoping for something Oz like. Oh well, next time.

Either way, the landscape was pretty, and I know I will be back in the future, it was not so disappointing that I will not give Kansas a second chance.

Here are the few pictures I snagged.

this sign made me giggle. Cattle pens? Is that the name of a city?
Found water in Kansas!

Where should I visit in Kansas?

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