Diamond Head Lighthouse

“Hey I want to walk and see how close we can get to that lighthouse.”  Dad then points down to the lighthouse you can see from Diamond Head.

“Really dad, cause I am pretty sure we have walked enough…”   I say between breaths.

“I mean after we eat, we can drive, but I want to get up close to it.”  I shook my head relieved.  I was beat after tackling Diamond Head.

After we “hiked” back down from Diamond Head, we asked a few Diamond Head park employees about the lighthouse.

We were quickly told it belonged to the coast guard and it wasn’t easy to get close to, but we may be able to drive by it.

After we had a very yummy lunch in Waikiki, we decided it was time to try and find the lighthouse.  We drove in the general direction, not having a clue where the lighthouse is at… we are Brooks we don’t ask for directions… but luckily we didn’t get lost during this adventure.

Once we spotted the lighthouse, dad told me to pull over.  He wanted to try and hike over to it.

I am glad we pulled over  because not only did we find a great beach, we were able to get pretty close to the lighthouse.  It was a quick walk.  We might have been able to get closer, but we got close enough to really enjoy it.

Here are a few pictures.  I love when I come across photos that remind me to always try and get off the beaten path 🙂

Lighthouse 1

Lighthouse 2

Lighthouse 3

Lighthouse 4


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