Dancing with Paris (Paris Time Travel #2) by Juliette Sobanet


Summary: In Paris, a past life promises a second chance at love.

Straitlaced marriage therapist Claudia Davis had a plan—and it definitely did not involve getting pregnant from a one-night stand or falling for a gorgeous French actor. She thinks her life can’t possibly get more complicated. But when Claudia takes a tumble in her grandmother’s San Diego dance studio, she awakens in 1950s Paris in the body of Ruby Kerrigan, the glamorous star of a risqué cabaret—and the number-one suspect in the gruesome murder of a fellow dancer. As past lives go, it’s a doozy…especially when an encounter with a handsome and mysterious French doctor ignites a fire in Claudia’s sinfully beautiful new body.

But time, for all its twists and turns, is not on her side: Claudia has just five days to unmask the true killer, clear Ruby’s name, and return to the twenty-first century. To do so, she must make an impossible choice, one that will change the course of both of her lives forever.

My Review: I discovered Juliette Sobanet last year when I was searching for books set in France and I fell in love, I mean I am in love with her Sleeping with Paris series.  I read the first book in this series and loved it.   So imagine my surprise when I learned there are more books! yay.

This book was fantastic, I am not lying discovering Sobanet on Kindle Unlimited was fabulous surprise.

This book was a great time travel book, although I am not 100% sure if I can really call it a time travel book.  You will have to read it to understand what I am saying, because I really do not want to spoil anything. Time travel is a concept that is very hard to write I have said that over and over because often time travel can get confusing.  So not the case here.  I think it is very well done, because how she got in the 50s isn’t really addressed it is more why she is there and that is why the story is great.  She is there to right a wrong, but as the story develops you learn there is so much going on that the book becomes quite the page turner.

Claudia slowly puts Ruby’s story together and she is given a very tight time line to right a wrong and believe me as the story unfolds so many theories will come to your mind.

This story was well done & I can’t wait to start my next Sobanet book.  She is very talented & quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.


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