Curing Boredom

One of the worst parts about making this decision is the boredom  that comes along with it.

A couple of weeks ago I was in laying in bed contemplating a nap because I was so damn bored.  I was counting tiles & laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, because I was forced to not have a social life.  Then I started thinking, what if this decision is not worth it?  I just started planning this trip & I am already going crazy. 

One of the things people do not tell you is the minute you decide to travel the world long term, you become very boring or that you will be very bored.  If you are someone that always has to have something to do, this is going to be hard.  Very hard.

I was laying in bed getting stir crazy and about to scream F it and go

Luckily, Crazy Jen went bye bye and rational Jen kicked in.

I had stuff to do, I was just getting pissy because I was not out doing something.  So I sat up and decided to make a list.   So here is what I came up with, so when you decide to do this, you can learn from me and not get frustrated.

What can I do when I am bored so I don’t get bitchy. 

1.  Ask friends what to watch on Netflix or just start watching something.

This was great, I sent out a facebook message & some texts asking people what to watch.  So now when I am grumpy I start binging netflix.  Currently I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, up next is Sons of Anarchy after that I am going to start Freaks & Geeks…  Netflix is cheap entertainment and when you are bored you can binge… binge… binge.  Before you know it is bedtime, and you are upset you can’t watch the next episode…

2.  Sell stuff you don’t want.

I have said this before and I will say it again, we all have crap we don’t want or use.  Sell that crap on eBay.  Trust me this is a time consuming exercise and if you need to get distracted for a couple of hours this is a great way to do that.  It takes time taking photos & listing details on items.  Better pictures, better details = more money.  This is a win win especially if you are motivated by money.

3.  Read. 

This works for me 50% of the time, I am an avid reader but there are times I am just not in the mood to read.  I get in reading funks and nothing holds my attention.   This is when I search for Junk food books, meaning books that are bad for you but oh so good at the same time.  If you are in a reading funk and bored, may I recommend The Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley?  I was so bored one weekend, that I was going crazy, so I bought book one, Rock Chick.  Let me tell you Indy & Lee took me for one hell of a ride that resulted in me binge reading the whole series in a week.  Boredom cured.  Warning:  this series will make you crave some hot bunch 😉 

4.  Read Travel Blogs. 

Inspiration from those that have accomplished what I dream to do?  End of story.

5.  Finish those unfinished craft projects. 

I have so many projects that I have started but have not finished.  I made a list and when I am bored I look at the list and tackle one of the projects.  Make costumes, decorations, a passport cover… the projects are endless and a great way to kill time when you are in wallet lock down mode.   Especially if you are like me and have most of the materials you need at home.

6. Go outside for a walk. 

Go outside get some fresh air and exercise.  You will feel better.

7.  Call a friend and/or relative. 

Take it from me call a grandparent.  You will regret not calling them more someday.  This I can promise you.  Like me and your grandparents no longer with you?  Call a friend or any other family member.  We all get away from doing this and should do more of it.

So there you have it everyone, 7 things you can do if you get bored.  I will share more in the future as I discover more things to do! 

Photo Credit: Psychology Today

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