Cruelty Free Product Review Yes to Carrots

So here is the thing I freaking love carrots. I especially love my daily carrot, mango, ginger smoothies. FREAKING AMMMMMMAZING. I seriously drink at least 4-5 of these delightful smoothies a week.  Not even kidding.

I ran out of face soap and I decided it was time to find a new cruelty free face wash and night time moisturizer. So on my quest to switch to natural, cruelty free products I learned about Yes to Carrots. Guys I am in love. I am in love with the way the products make my skin feel & look. I updated my facebook picture recently and I received so many comments about my flawless skin… wait whaa??? I was the acne prone teen and twenty something… I have never been told my skin is flawless, I can say since I have been using these two products for the past 30-45 days I can thank them for my flawless skin (or since I quit dairy, but that is a whole other post) I am debating if I want to start using their day cream because I love this company so much.  I am still finishing off my day cream I bought a while back, that is sadly not cruelty free before I buy a new day cream.

The best part??? the facewash is $7.99 and the night cream is $12.99. Flawless skin on a drug store budget??? Yes please.



The company has more than carrots, they have so many different lines for so many skin types I urge you to try their products, they are incredibly affordable, 95% natural and most importantly cruelty free.   

Oh and they won Allure Beauty Awards in 2013… so it is not just me that loves Yes To Carrots.

If you are a girl (or guy) that is on a budget but wants products that are cruelty free and work… trust me try this company.  You can buy them at your neighborhood drug store.

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