Chop Sticks and Hissy fits

Chop Sticks… the bane of my existence.

I really do not understand how people are able to eat so easily with these little sticks of death.  I hate them, I loathe them… or they hate me, I am really not sure which.

Either way, you would think I would have practiced prior to my arrival in Beijing.  Ha! as if.

The first night we went out to eat I guess I just expected a fork to be at the table, or I would be able to communicate I needed a fork.   Truth is I thought eating in China would be easy, I mean they are used to dumb people like me unable to use chop sticks right?


I realized that first night  I would either have to learn how to use chop sticks, or treat China as a week long fast.

I struggled.  Noodles would slid off the stick, my fingers would get twisted… every one around me was able to maneuver those things so easily.   It was absolutely horrible.

Finally one day we were at a small but very busy noodle shop.  I ordered some type of noodles.  I still do not have a clue what I ate that day… and tried to use chop sticks again… and the noodles just slid right off the chop sticks.

and I through a tantrum that would have made any two year old proud.  I was fed up, but right after I threw this tantrum I looked up and saw this elderly Chinese man who had been clearly watching the whole thing… laughing his ass off at me.  At first I was mad. How dare he make fun of the poor American girl that is starving.

Then I realized how ridiculous I had been, so I picked up those sticks took a deep breath and ate my noodles.

and  never looked back.

PS I still suck with chop sticks.  




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