Champions: At Fire’s End by Charlotte Jain


Summary: Seventeen-year-old best friends, April and Kyle, are thrown into the final battle of the Titan and Olympian war. Locked into an endless struggle, the Immortals have finally reached a solution – bestow mortal Champions with control over the elements to wage their final campaign.

Bestowed with control over fire and water, April and Kyle were raised by Immortals with a single purpose – win the war. After finally uncovering the remaining Champions’ identities, April and Kyle must launch themselves into their final battle for survival. Winner takes all. But the Immortals are growing restless, and time is running out.

My Review: I love books when the Titans & Olympians are involved. I really love books when they train humans, often known as champions, to fight their battles. Those pesky gods sure do know how to stir up trouble.

This was a really fun book and as a fan of Riordan I couldn’t help but enjoy this series. It is similar but vastly different. Which makes it enjoyable. You can’t help but pull for April AND Kyle and you find yourself quickly trying to get to the end of the book as fast as you can because you have to know what will happen. There will be another book sooooo if that is in any indication of the ending.

This book is one hell of an adventure and if you are a fan of the Gods then I am going to say you will certainly enjoy this book!

This is a non stop ride that will have you begging for book 2, and really wanting to read book 2. Believe me you will want book 2 as soon as you are done with this book. I promise.

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