Celebrating National Smore’s Day

Did you know there was National S’mores Day?

I didn’t.

Imagine my surprise when I was out in the “wilderness” and learned about it, what a perfect opportunity to celebrate this day. (In case you were wondering National S’mores Day is August 10th)

Here is the 4-1-1 on Jen & Smores

You can ask my family, I am/was a crazy dieter, my entire high school & college career I was on a diet. I never ate anything that would possibly allow me to gain a pound. I maintained my weight from 13-25 no problem because of my crazy diet tactics. Yes I know my 25-year-old self weighed the same as my 13-year-old self, that is another topic all together.

Sadly these crazy diet tactics made me always turn downs s’mores, so here I am almost 30 and never had one.

Yes you read that correctly I never had a s’more.

Before you call me un-American (like I heard previously) I went camping a lot when I was younger, and yes my parents had s’mores, but I was always so worried about gaining a pound and fitting into a size 4 that I never had them.

I. Was. Stupid.

S’mores are amazing. I was totally missing out. The eye rolls I often got from my parents make perfect sense now.

On a happy notes, I was able to document my first s’mores experience.

My first s’more….

I was told however, that since the location I was located was under a burn ban, I did not have the “authentic” experience because we had to use a “Bunsen burner” but either way… s’mores rock!

The Bunsen Burner

Overall, I was freezing my butt off but the yummy gooey-ness of a s’more, made staying outside to toast the marshmallows totally worth it, as you can see in the following pic

Do you love s’mores?

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