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Kartchner Caverns

When we decided to go to Arizona to visit my mother, she immediately went into planning mode, which I don’t mind, except when I heard…

Hey kids, we are going to go explore caves while you are here.

umm come again?

I consider myself someone that is open to most adventures, except sky diving, but when my mother told me about the proposed cave idea. I was nervous.


I don’t really care for descending into a cave, as all I can think about is an earthquake hitting, and rocks crumbling all around me, and then I have to scream for help that will never come… needless to say it really makes my heart rate escalate.

So after Tombstone (which I was VERY excited about) it was time to go to this cave.


We drove to Kartchner Caverns, which is a state park of Arizona, arrived early so that allowed me to explore prior to entering the cave and also gave me a chance to calm down while I learned all about the history behind the caves.

The history behind the caves is a good one, here is the 411:

Two cavers, found a narrow crack in the bottom of a sinkhole, and then they followed the crack/air source into cave passages. They continued exploring the caves and managed to keep this a secret for 10 years and then after a bunch of legal mumba jumba, voila! we are allowed to explore the caves.


That is the very amended short story, but I am a girl that always loves a good secret, and keeping something like that a secret, is incredible to me. I am also worried I will butcher a very good story, so for the sake of ruining it…

You can read all about the history of the caves <a href=””>HERE</a>

Sadly taking pictures on the actual tour is not allowed.


There are two rooms you can visit. The Throne Room & the Big Room.

We visited the Throne Room, sadly the Big Room was going to open exactly two days after we visited, but as bats like to make a habitat in the big room from Spring to mid October it was not quite time to open the room for the public to visit

Me being silly, as usual
Me being silly, as usual

If you are able to ever go to Kartchner Caverns… Go. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

Also for those of you that are worried about earth quakes like I am… apparently if you are going to have to live through an earthquake, the best place to be is in a cave.



Imagine that, you learn something new everyday 😉

Until next time,


My favorite… yet creepy part about Tombstone

The past couple of days I have been revisiting my time I spent at Tombstone in October

I saved my favorite part for last.

Boothill Graveyard

I learned a few things, while I was exploring Boothill Graveyard.

Tombstone Boothill 1Tombstone Boothill 25

1. Boothill is the highly common name, for the burial ground for gunslingers, as they literally “died with their boots on”
Tombstone Boothill 4

2. There is a similiar graveyard in South Dakota & Kansas, and I now know I must go, morbid I know.

3. Actual names on tombstones, are not common. I can’t tell you how many times I read China Man, Stranger, Unknown or Jewish Immigrant. Clearly they were not P.C in the old west. Times have changed.
Tombstone Boothill 24
Tombstone Boothill 39Tombstone Boothill 44

Here are the pics from the day, sadly I have lost some of the pictures I took, and I am trying to locate them, hopefully they will turn up and I will add them on my facebook page, because believe me, you have to see these tombstones to believe it.

Here are the pics, enjoy!
Tombstone Boothill 12Tombstone Boothill 16Tombstone Boothill 18Tombstone Boothill 19Tombstone Boothill 22Tombstone Boothill 27Tombstone Boothill 34Tombstone Boothill 35Tombstone Boothill 38

Fun Tip:

You can mail yourself a post card from the gift shop at boothill. It is kinda fun receiving a post card, sent from tombstone!


OK Corral

One thing I regret about my very quick trip to Tombstone, I only took five pictures of the OK Corral. This is only where one of the most historic gunfights occurred.

A slight fail.

Well here are my five shots, and if you ever go to Tombstone will you take a few more for me?

Tombstone ok 1

Tombstone ok 2

Tombstone ok 3

Tombstone ok 4

Tombstone ok 5

Tombstone’s Sarsparilla

When I was in Tombstone, I discovered Tombstone’s Sarsparilla.


It was delicious. I love root beer, and this might have been better. If you are ever in Tombstone I recommend trying it.