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Chip & Dale

So here is the thing, I love Disney.   Most of you know this already, so this isn’t really a shocking revelation or anything.  I love to travel but there is something to be said about the Magic of Disney.

Recently I have been going through my 10k plus photos I have taken the past year or so,  (I take a lot of photos!!)and realized that I have a ton of Disney memories I want to share. So that got me to thinking, why not dedicate an entire month to Disney? I have 5000 photos just dedicated to Disney.  I am serious.  I take pictures of characters, rides, food, people….  me. It is a bad addiction.


For those of you that love Disney like me, join in for the fun.

I LOVE Chip and Dale, and every time (and I do mean EVERY TIME) I see them I have to wait in line for the meet & greet.

They are so much fun, and if you ever find yourself with the chance to meet them.  Do yourself a favor and DO IT!

Have a Disney Day 😉







Towel Animals of Carnival

If you have ever been on a Carnival Cruise you know one of the fun parts of the cruise is the evening towels that the steward make for you! Here are the animals we received






When we were in port at Belize, they covered all the outside chairs with the cute little towel animals…




Some of the towel animals I have no clue what they are, maybe you can tell me 🙂

The Carnival Magic

I love cruising.  To me it is one of the ways I loose complete control of time.  When I was on my recent cruise I didn’t wear a watch, my cell phone was never on, and I could NEVER tell you the time. In fact I didn’t care.

By time my cruise was over, I was beyond relaxed and stress free (2 hours back in my cubicle Monday morning and all that was gone in a snap, but that is is neither here nor there)

We sailed on the Carnival Magic.  It was a beautiful ship.  There was so much to do on the ship it was hard to get bored.  I took a more relaxing approach on the ship, reading on the deck, taking regular naps & meeting the crew of the ship.  If relaxing is not your speed, the ship offered many opportunities to do something a little more active.

I recommend sailing on the ship if you are ever able.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the ship. 🙂

ship 48

ship 46

ship 45

ship 42

ship 41

ship 40

ship 38

ship 37

ship 35

ship 32

ship 27

ship 13

ship 12

ship 10

ship 4

ship 1

ship 2

Iowa State Capital

It is no secret that it is  my goal to visit every single state capital, it is also not a secret that I am seriously lacking on visiting the capitals.  I have seen a lot but I have not really “visited” So when I happened to find myself in Des Moines, I figured the  likelihood of me visiting again could be slim, so I went.

And let me tell you for a small state, the capital is stunning.


The capital has the option of taking a tour with a guide or a self guided tour, me being who I am, of course choose to be self guided, as I love snapping pictures and going at my own place. 

Midwest 445


Midwest 444

I love my home state’s capital in Austin, because I believe the Texas Capital is stunning, but I can say with complete confidence, Iowa would give it a run for it’s money in the stunning factor.

wordless w

Midwest 448

Midwest 464

A few fun facts about the Iowa Capital.

-The original cost of the capital was $2,873,294.59
-298 steps from the second floor to The Golden Dome
-The Diameter of the Golden Dome is 80 feet

Midwest 451

Midwest 462

I would totally want to sit in this area when the House & Senate are in session….

Midwest 477


Midwest 478

and honestly I would love to study in this library…

Midwest 491

Midwest 489

If  you are ever in Des Moines, I highly recommend going to the capital.  It is simply stunning.