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Zach (& Jennifer’s) Zany Movie (& other media) Memoribilia!

Hey Fellow Cubicle Escapee’s:

If you like our giveaway’s (which we will still be doing occasionally) for those that like and want movie memoribilia but don’t trust people that you don’t know and want better prices then look into Jen and I’s EBay pages as we will occasionally sell some cool movie and other media memorabilia and will get it to you wrapped up tight, fast, safe, and sound.

Jen’s EBay handle is volunteer_travel_girl27

My EBay handle is mrmovie1201AM

I, (Zach) Currently have two items for sale:


Thanks and keep going to the movies!

Zach A.

Wordless Wednesday

alcatraz 1

Wordless Wednesday


Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell


Set in: United States, Nevada
Summary:He’ll teach her the art of seduction…for a price.

Mixed martial arts fighter Reid Andrews’s chance to reclaim his title as light heavyweight champ is shattered when he’s injured only months before the rematch. To make sure he’s healed in time, his trainer sends him to recuperate under a professional’s care—Reid’s best friend’s little sister, all grown up.

Disorganized and bookish Lucie Miller needs some professional help of her own. She’d do anything to catch the eye of a doctor she’s crushed on for years, so when Reid offers seduction lessons in exchange for 24/7 conditioning for the biggest fight of his career, Lucie jumps at the chance.

Soon Reid finds himself in the fight of his life…winning Lucie’s heart before she gives it to someone else

The recent boxing match inspired me to take my “fighter romance” novel habit back up. Yes everyone My name is Jennifer and I am a fighter romance novel addict.

I know these types of novels are not everyone’s cup of tea but since I figured we just witnessed the “Fight of the Century” and I am still on passport lock down these types of novels would be a fun addition to this month’s reviews.

So a fun fact about these types of novels, the fighters are always hot, damaged and zero in on the girl and become a changed man.

Freaking boring huh? Well I do not care because I love them, maybe I am a slight romantic at heart. shhhh don’t tell anyone 😉

This book was no different and I am pretty sure the other books I have coming up in the next month are either, but that being said I loved this novel. I found the characters likable, even when Reid was being an asshole, I think it helped that part of the novel was from his point of view.

This book also had a fun Vegas backdrop, and totally dissed Reno. Is Reno that bad? I have not been.

So need a little steamy spice before you travel to Nevada? Well look no further people, this is your book.