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Zach (& Jennifer’s) Zany Movie (& other media) Memoribilia!

Hey Fellow Cubicle Escapee’s:

If you like our giveaway’s (which we will still be doing occasionally) for those that like and want movie memoribilia but don’t trust people that you don’t know and want better prices then look into Jen and I’s EBay pages as we will occasionally sell some cool movie and other media memorabilia and will get it to you wrapped up tight, fast, safe, and sound.

Jen’s EBay handle is volunteer_travel_girl27

My EBay handle is mrmovie1201AM

I, (Zach) Currently have two items for sale:


Thanks and keep going to the movies!

Zach A.

Jen’s Travel Stories Worth Reading

One thing about  being halted is I am getting to research different places to visit, things to do, and plan future trips. There are some great blogs, writers and tips out there and one of the things I strive to do at The Cubicle Escapee is to encourage people trapped in the cubicle to venture out and enjoy life.

So today I figured I would share some of the things I have read that I think you should read.  I will try to share more like this in the future! Share what you are reading online too!  I love travel articles because I am always looking for my next big trip!

Tripadvisor’s Most Prolific Reviewer

This is the type of reviewer I want to be, I enjoy Tripadvisor and try to review places as often as I think of them. I utilize TA often and whenever I start to plan a trip. I really strive to review any and every place I visit, and I enjoy the reviews and forums as a traveler myself. This was a fun article and for any Tripadvisor reviewer a person to try and strive to

Movie Sets you Can Visit This Summer

I am not a travel expert by any stretch of the imagination, however I have found that a lot of people ask me for advice because I love traveling and researching destinations. I came across this one when I was asked about my experience visiting movie sets in Hawaii. I can’t really plan any trips until after my eye surgery but for those of you that are looking for a nerdy movie set place to visit, this article might be for you.

Strong Dollar Weak Euro

There is a very strong possibility I will be going to Europe next year. JMM and I are planning a trip currently. It is a shame we can’t go this summer because the dollar is stronger and the Euro is weaker. This is the first time in a while that this has occurred and I have told my friends that can afford it this is the time to go, because who knows how long it will last. Sp if you are fortunate enough to be able to go to Europe and ride that strong dollar. Go.

Is the Go Oahu card worth the price?

Yes it was worth the price for our trip, but the real answer is maybe.

Dad and I decided to plan a few activities a day and then just wing the remainder of the day. We did not go to Hawaii with any expectations and I think we wanted to have some activities planned while having time built in to explore.  Which worked out for us very well. 

I always look into city cards, to see if they are something I would like to purchase before arriving.  Sometimes I purchase &  sometimes I do not . This time I choose to purchase because a lot of the things dad and I wanted to do were available on the Go Oahu Card.

We purchased 5 day cards, each card was $219.99 plus tax.   So this is where math and planning will come into play and why I feel I need to emphasize it is maybe a value.


I do not recommend buying the Go Oahu card if you have  no intention of planning your trip.  I love not planning trips from time to time, but since dad was in tow with me, I knew we needed some plans.  🙂

If you want to plan and do a little basic math then this card is likely for you!

We came out ahead, because we planned our trips around the card & what we wanted to do.  If you are  fast paced person, you can come out really ahead if you like to do 3-5 things a day.

We came out ahead by choosing 2-3 activities a day.  We felt the card had a lot of value at Pearl Harbor, just about everything at Pearl Harbor is covered on the card.

I will be posting plenty reviews in the coming months (work is BUSY right now!) over everything we did but some of the attractions we were able to take part in because of te Go Oahu Card

USS Bowfin

USS Missouri

USS Arizona Memorial

Germaine’s Luau

Diamond Head

Movie Set’s Tour

and much more. . .

Truth be told with a little planning & math this card can save you a lot of money especially in a state that is pretty darn expensive!

If you have any questions, as always send me an email or post below

Until Next time



Fun Websites I discovered this week

Hey Everyone!

This week has been one of the busiest & most emotionally exhausting weeks I have had in a long time.  I don’t think I have been able to do ANYTHING right according to those people around me. So first I will share a picture… of where I wish was instead of trapped in hell.


Anyway, I am hoping to get some blog work done this week , along with some writing, and other projects I need to get done for my own personal sanity. First I figured I would share a couple links for my fellow travel lovers.

Lately I have been obsessed with travel (not new) specifically volunteer travel.

Help Stay

This is a site I discoverer that reminds me a lot of airbnb, except the hosts are willing to let you stay for free (and meals are sometime included) for a few hours of work.   They are limited on the stays right now and I suspect this is a new website, for a small fee about $15 a year.  I LOVE this website.  I think it is a fun way to see how other parts of the world live & and a great way to get in with the locals.  I can already tell there is an Ice Cream Scooping job that I am just itching to go try out to stay in the area.

Auction of Vintage Travel Posters

Oh how I love Vintage travel posters… and how I dream of being rich.  🙂 I really wish I could partake in this auction.

Have you come across any great travel themed articles? Share them below!

Also I am looking for any great sites that are about travel in Ecuador, especially easily accessible from Quito, I am in the process of planning my two weeks!