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Book Review Sunday


Anita Anita Anita

I just don’t know what to do with you. I wish I was one of your friends so I can smack some sense into you and please stop making out with everyone.  well I guess at the end you decided to stop making out with everyone

This book was sexually charged for sure, but not nearly as much as the last one, which I was happy with.

I am concerned about where the series is going because the last chapter made it sound like she is giving up the police work and what have you, which is honestly my favorite thing about the series.

The triangle is still present and man I just wish she would choose ONE and stand by her choice. I really do.

As far as the plot? Man, there was so much going on in this book I am pretty sure the only one that could keep up is one on a bad LSD trip, but in typical Hamilton fashion it all resolved nicely by the next to last chapter.

and oh, I am serious have you noticed that when girls play with vampires, they always end up in big trouble? If vamps are real, I suspect I am steering clear thanks to all the vampire novels I have read.

Well on to the next, because I am really curious where this vampire ride is taking me, because boy oh boy Anita is turning into a hot mess….

Moho Chocolate

In Belize, one of the things I was looking forward to was visiting a chocolate factory. I love sweets, and I often joke I would be easily 30 pounds thinner if I would stop eating sugar.


My brother and I left my parents to travel over to Moho Chocolate to check out what kind of chocolate we can purchase. You can also take a seat at their bar and order drinks! Drinks & Chocolate = Heaven



We walked up to the store and noticed the smell instantly. It was glorious.



We found out there was a chocolate tour for a mere $2 so we waiting for my parents and went on the quick tour. It only takes 15 minutes and you get to sample all of their available chocolate.

our lovely guide Jennifer
our lovely guide Jennifer




After the tour I went through all their souvenirs, and really considered buying the chocolate wine, but didn’t.

The chocolate tour was interesting, we learned about the process.  The Cacao is purchased locally along the coast line and transported to the store where is all processed locally.

You can even make your own chocolate bars! Looking back I wish I would have done this, oh well maybe next time 😉


It is all fair trade, the buy everything local to support local farmers. I am a big fan of any company that utilized their countries resources vs outsourcing.

Overall the chocolate store was everything I expected it to be, and if you ever see Moho Chocolate in the store do yourself a favor and buy a bar. It is yummy.

And, if you are ever in Belize City, please make your own chocolate bars, and let me know how amazing it is!


Wordless Wednesday


Travel Book Tuesday

I am starting a new segment to this blog, Travel Book Tuesdays, It is no secret that I read a lot so I can save money for trips, so it should not be a surprise I read a lot of travel books too.



First, let me start of by saying the reason this book caught my eye is because my husband and I are planning a Round the World trip, and the idea of free travel caught my eye.

The reason this book lost a star is because it is not really a how to, but more a story of how he did it.

Once you realize that this is not in fact a how-to but a travel memoir, the book becomes highly entertaining.

Wigge is a journalist from Germany, that decides he wants to go to “The end of the world” and wants to do it for free, so he sets off on an adventure taking him from Germany to Antarctica without a penny to his name.

He has many zany stories along the way that had me cracking up from the very beginning and in fact this book kept me up all night and is the reason I am so tired at work today.

I love travel memoirs, so this book was a fast great read for me.

I just think the title should be a little different, I mean sure you could do the same things he did to travel for free, but personally his style is not my style, but that still makes this book a great fun read.

I give this book 4 stars.